Sunday, 1 November 2009

Primark Panties = smelly P*ssy

Recession has hit me hard, an anyone who is living within the means. So the luxuries of buying La- senza, topshop and new look panties are out. However I decided to shop in primark they have KNICKER BREIFS £2.00 for 5 and there comfortable. Since Ive had my daughter no need for thongs, i couldn't pee for a week, why would i subject my self to a string in between my BUTTOCKS however sexy that is, the amount of pain I went through during childbirth really just but the days of SEXY lingerie OUT. *THE PAIN* Parachute panties are fine for me. ANYWHO, I bought these primark cheap ASS panties wearing them to interviews mind you, as of late and a strange odour has been coming FROM BETWEEN MY LEGS. A first i thought hmm maybe because I WASNT wearing pantie liners, so I was like panties liner Brazilian and femme Fresh tried that it didnt work then i thought i gained weight and and my thighs rubbing on the side of the pantie i was thinking , Im washing twice a Flekking day. Am I not washing my tun tun properly. My tun tun smells like DEATH LITTERALLY, so i was like nah i went on washing 3 times. and start to wear my other panties 100% cotton and i was smelling fine. When i wore my Primark Panites it was Like wtf, if the panty drpped on the floor there be a chalk outline the next day , with the words death of a panty. FYI LADIES DONT BYE YOUR PANTIES FROM PRIMARK

Not every black young mother is a single parent

I am a black, young to some, mother. Im 23 and have a two year old. I didnt plan of having any kids now but it happened, I love my little star. Moving on people think because they dont see my partner i dont have one im single errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmm NO. Like a year back i was up north and where i used to live. *UNI LIFE*.They were doing boiler checks the man came to view my boiler, he came in asked questions like they do and my daughter who doesnt go to nursery as she's a baby 10months and the she doesnt see people much especially white people so shes fascinated by them so she was going up to the guy touching his shoes everything then he said awww poor thing she must think im her dad. ERRRRRRRRRRR NO!! i was like no she knows who he is, good thing my other half showed up WITH food shopping in his hands my daughter literally crawled right to him, her daddy, and i said there's her dad she knows who he is. Guy went bright red. felt embarassed good flekkin fool, for being to fast DICKHEAD.